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Modelithics Pre-Release Model List

Modelithics Pre-Release Library

What is a Pre-Release Model?

These components are devices that are at various stages in the development and release cycle and are eligible to be included in a CLR, NLD, NLT or SLC Library. In some cases Modelithics has chosen to conduct initial measurements and retain data for offering future library models based on demand. In others, Modelithics may have a preliminary Microwave Global Model™ in library format that is already in the queue for the next library release. Pre-Release devices represent a short cycle-time, low-cost way of expanding your library to include devices critical to your design.

How do you know when a device will be included in a library?

For customers under maintenance, Modelithics supplies at least one library release per year. Modelithics chooses to include those devices from our Pre-Release Library that are in the highest demand based on customer survey information and direct customer feedback.

How much does a Pre-Release model cost?

The cost and lead time of a Pre-Release model depends on the model status. Please click here to request a quote for a pre-release model.


Download and complete the Pre-Release request form and email to Modelithics Sales

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Modelithics Pre-Release Library Listing




  Body Style



Download and complete the Pre-Release request form and email to Modelithics Sales

More Info Vendor Part Number   Model   Body Style Component Max Freq (GHz) Power Out (dBm) Simulator Part Values Library Downloads Features
Epcos Y017C BandPassFilter Other PreRelease  
Epcos Y018B BandPassFilter Other PreRelease  
Excelics EPA480BV PHEMT Other PreRelease  
Maxim 2682 Mixer Other PreRelease  
ST_Micro SD56120 LDMOS Other PreRelease  
Transcom 1606 GaAs PHEMT Other PreRelease  
Transcom 1501 GaAs PHEMT Other PreRelease  
NXP NBF511 JFET Other PreRelease  
ATC 100E Case E Capacitor ADS 1pF- 5100pF PreRelease  
AVX HQCE(P90) Case E Capacitor ADS 1pF- 5100pF PreRelease  
ATC 100C Case C Capacitor ADS 1pf - 2700pF PreRelease  
AVX HQCC(P90) Case C Capacitor ADS 1pf - 2700pF PreRelease  
AVX CU10 01005 Capacitor ADS 0.2 pF - 24 pF PreRelease  
Exxelia 251SHF 0805 Capacitor ADS 0.3 pF - 220 pF PreRelease  
PPI 0201BB103 0201 Capacitor ADS 10000 pF PreRelease  
PPI 0402BB104 0402 Capacitor ADS 0.1 uF PreRelease  
PPI 0402BB103 0402 Capacitor ADS 10000 pF PreRelease  
DLI C08BL 0805 Capacitor ADS 1000 pF & 2400 pF PreRelease  
DLI C04BL 0402 Capacitor ADS 120 pF PreRelease  
DLI C06CF 0603 Capacitor ADS 0.1 pF - 47 pF PreRelease  
DLI C04UL 0402 Capacitor ADS 0.1 pF - 10 pF PreRelease  
Presidio SR0402(NPO) 0402 Capacitor ADS 18 pF - 68 pF PreRelease  
Presidio SR0402(BX) 0402 Capacitor ADS 330 pF - 1200 pF PreRelease  
Presidio SR0402(X7R) 0402 Capacitor ADS 680 pF - 3300 pF PreRelease  
Presidio SR0201(X7R) 0201 Capacitor ADS PreRelease  
Qorvo NBB-402 MPGA Amplifier ADS PreRelease  
Qorvo NBB-300 Micro-X package Amplifier ADS PreRelease  
Qorvo NBB-310 Micro-X package Amplifier ADS PreRelease  
Qorvo NBB-400 Micro-X package Amplifier ADS PreRelease  
Qorvo NBB-500 Micro-X package Amplifier ADS PreRelease  
Qorvo TQP7M9106-2 QFN Amplifier ADS PreRelease  
Qorvo TQP7M9105 SOT-89 Amplifier ADS PreRelease  
NXP AFT09MS015N PLD-1.5W Amplifier ADS PreRelease  
CEL CE3520K3 HMT-CEL-CE3520K3 4-Micro-X LowNoiseFET 24 13.8 ADS PreRelease   BB: SS:
Murata LQP03HQ 0201 Inductor ADS 0.6 nH - 150 nH PreRelease  
Coilcraft 0402AF IND-CLC-0402-003 0402 Inductor ADS 20 nH - 560 nH PreRelease   SS: PS: VS:
Coilcraft 0402DF IND-CLC-0402-004 0402 Inductor ADS 30 nH - 3300 nH PreRelease   SS: PS: VS:
Murata LQW18AN_80 0603 Inductor ADS 2.2 nH - 390 nH PreRelease  
Murata LQW15AN_80 0402 Inductor ADS 1.3 nH - 75 nH PreRelease  
Johanson L-14C 0603 Inductor ADS 1 nH - 220 nH PreRelease  
Johanson L-14W 0603 Inductor ADS 2 nH - 470 nH PreRelease  
Chilisin CHQ0603 0201 Inductor ADS 0.6 nH - 22 nH PreRelease  
Chilisin CHQ1005 0402 Inductor ADS 1 nH - 3.9 nH PreRelease  
Vishay RCP0505 0505 Resistor ADS 10 Ohms - 2000 Ohms PreRelease  
Skywell RC01 0201 Resistor ADS 10 Ohms - 1 M Ohms PreRelease  
Skywell RC02 0402 Resistor ADS 2 Ohms - 10 M Ohms PreRelease  
Skywell RC03 0603 Resistor ADS 1 Ohm - 22 M Ohms PreRelease  
SkyWorks SMS7630 0201 Schottky ADS PreRelease  
MiniCircuits ZFL-1000LN+ SOT-89 Amplifier 19.8 ADS PreRelease   :


Broadband Component
Bondwire de-embedding
Flicker Noise (1/F)
3rd order IMD validated
Load Pull
Noise Parameter
Not recommended for new designs
Orientation Selectable
Pad De-embedding
Pad Scaling
S-Parameter Data Model
Substrate Scalable
Super Model
Temperature Scalable
Part Value Scalable/Selectable
X-Parameter Data Model