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Modelithics SELECT+ Library™

The Modelithics SELECT+ Library is a FREE downloadable collection of example models, including a select number of Modelithics Microwave Global Models™ for passives (capacitors, inductors and resistors) as well as some non-linear diode and transistor models as well as example non-linear diode and transistor models. SELECT+ is a representative subset of all models available in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library™, and all SELECT+ models are fully functional versions of their Modelithics COMPLETE counterparts. To access the SELECT+ Library, download the applicable installer file below. Note, a valid registration is required.

As the SELECT+ Library is a free sampling of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library , we would recommend requesting an expanded trial of the Modelithics models for evaluation. It is also available to approved universities for educational use through the Modelithics University Program.


View the full list of available models in the SELECT+ Library as well as the Modelithics COMPLETE Library.

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