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Modelithics News

Check out the latest news from Modelithics! We are constantly adding new announcements, press releases and other newsworthy information. Bookmark this page to come back often so you don’t miss anything! For more detailed technical papers about Modelithics’ products and services, visit the Literature area.

  Title Date
Modelithics Welcomes Murata as Sponsoring MVP 9/14/2018
Modelithics® COMPLETE Library™ v18.2 for Keysight Genesys 2018 provides support for the new Vendor Parts Synthesis capability 8/22/2018
Passive Plus, Inc. Offers the Modelithics® Passive Plus Component Library as a Free 90-Day Trial 8/2/2018
Modelithics 2nd Quarter Newsletter - 2018 6/7/2018
Modelithics® Releases the COMPLETE Library™ v18.1 and the NEW mmWave & 5G Library for NI AWR Design Environment® Software 6/4/2018
Modelithics and International Manufacturing Services (IMS) Establish 6 Year Collaboration 4/30/2018
Four New Presidio Capacitor Models Validated through mm-Wave Now Available in Modelithics® Libraries 4/12/2018
Modelithics® COMPLETE Library and NEW mmWave & 5G Library Released for Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System 4/2/2018
Modelithics 1st Quarter Newsletter - 2018 3/31/2018
New Modelithics Microwave Global Models™ for Würth Elektronik WE-KI HC and WE-CAIR Inductors 1/25/2018
Modelithics® Signs GBIT as New Sales Representative in China 1/4/2018
The NEW Modelithics® COMPLETE Library for Sonnet® Suites™ Now Available! 12/22/2017
Modelithics Co-Founder Dr. Tom Weller Named IEEE Fellow 12/12/2017
Modelithics 4th Quarter Newsletter - 2017 12/11/2017
Modelithics Releases the COMPLETE Library v17.5 for Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System 11/20/2017
Modelithics® Vendor Partner (MVP) Würth Elektronik is now a Sponsoring MVP 10/30/2017
Modelithics® Releases the COMPLETE+3D Library™ v17.3 for ANSYS® HFSS™ Introducing NEW 3D Geometry Models 10/23/2017
Modelithics® COMPLETE Library™ v17.2 for Keysight Genesys: Adds 48 New Models from 17 Different Vendors 10/5/2017
Modelithics 3rd Quarter Newsletter - 2017 9/26/2017
Modelithics® Welcomes Guerrilla RF as New MVP and Introduces S-Parameter and Noise Models for Guerrilla RF Broadband LNAs 8/30/2017
Modelithics® Adds New S-Parameter Models for Vanguard Electronics Inductors and Transformers 8/16/2017
Modelithics 2nd Quarter Newsletter - 2017 5/26/2017
The Modelithics® COMPLETE Library™ v17.1 for NI AWR Design Environment™ - Just Released! 5/15/2017
Modelithics® Adds New Microwave Global Models™ for Two Johanson Technology Capacitor Families 4/18/2017
Modelithics® Welcomes Paul White to Board of Directors 4/12/2017
Modelithics 1st Quarter Newsletter - 2017 3/30/2017
Modelithics® and Sonnet® Software have Signed a Reseller Agreement for Sales of the Modelithics CLR Library for Sonnet Suites 3/2/2017
Eblast : New Modelithics COMPLETE Library Release v17.0 for Keysight Technologies' Advanced Design System 2/16/2017
New Modelithics COMPLETE Library Release v17.0 for Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System Represents over 15,000 Components 2/15/2017
Modelithics® Signs Aktif Neser Elektronik Ltd. as New Sales Representative for Turkey 2/2/2017
Modelithics 4th Quarter Newsletter - 2016 12/2/2016
KEMET and Modelithics Partner to Provide Highly Accurate Models for CBR RF Capacitor Series 11/7/2016
Modelithics Announces Two New Microwave Global Models™ for Würth Elektronik Inductor Families 10/25/2016
Modelithics and IPDiA Collaborate to Develop Models for the 0201M Ultra Broadband Silicon Capacitor 9/15/2016
Modelithics 3rd Quarter Newsletter - 2016 9/14/2016
The Modelithics COMPLETE Library v16.2 for Keysight Technologies’ Genesys RF Simulation Tool - Just Released! 9/1/2016
Modelithics and Passive Plus, Inc. Collaborate to Add New Features and Extend Capacitance Range of the 0505C and 1111C Models 8/9/2016
Modelithics and Coilcraft Collaborate to Offer New Microwave Global Models™ for High Frequency Conical Inductor Series 7/7/2016
Modelithics Releases a New Version of the COMPLETE Library v16.1 for NI AWR Design Environment 6/30/2016
Modelithics 2nd Quarter Newsletter - 2016 5/18/2016
New CLR Library for Sonnet Suites 5/9/2016
Modelithics 1st Quarter Newsletter - 2016 4/15/2016
Modelithics Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary Milestone 4/4/2016
Announcing The Modelithics COMPLETE Library v16.0 for Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System 4/1/2016
Modelithics Models for Passives and GaN Power Transistors to be used in Chalmers University Electronics Design Courses 3/7/2016
Passive Plus, Inc. Offers the Modelithics Passive Plus Component Library as a Free 90-Day Trial 2/27/2016
Modelithics, Inc. Appoints Angie Rogers to Sales Manager 2/8/2016
New Release: The Modelithics COMPLETE Library v12.3 for Keysight Technologies’ Genesys RF Simulation Tool 1/8/2016
Modelithics 4th Quarter Newsletter - 2015 12/14/2015
The NEW Modelithics® CLR Library for ANSYS HFSS Just Released! 11/30/2015
Announcing the latest release of the Modelithics Qorvo GaN Library! 11/23/2015
Modelithics Signs Hi Tech RF & Microwave Solutions as New Sales Representative for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg 10/7/2015
Modelithics 3rd Quarter Newsletter - 2015 10/1/2015
Modelithics Expands Noise Parameter Test Capability Through 50 GHz with Maury Microwave/Keysight Solution 9/29/2015
Modelithics and Vishay Collaborating to Introduce New Models for High Frequency Capacitor Families 9/25/2015
Early Access to CLR Ansys HFSS 9/14/2015
Modelithics Welcomes IPDiA as a New MVP and Announces the Availability of Broadband S-Parameter Data Models for IPDiA Ultra Broadband Silicon Capacitors 8/25/2015
Modelithics 2nd Quarter Newsletter - 2015 7/2/2015
The Modelithics COMPLETE Library, Version 12.1 for NI AWR Design Environment Software Just Released 6/25/2015
Modelithics and Qorvo to Significantly Expand the GaN RF Simulation Model Library 5/14/2015
Visit Modelithics at booth #950 during IMS 2015 5/7/2015
Modelithics CLR Library for ANSYS HFSS 5/7/2015
Just Released! Version 12 of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System 4/7/2015
Modelithics 1st Quarter Newsletter - 2015 3/31/2015
Invitation for Genesys Designers 2/24/2015
Modelithics White Paper Explores Benefits of Circuit-based Models Using NI AWR Design Environment 1/21/2015
Modelithics 4th Quarter Newsletter - 2014 12/24/2014
Modelithics Expands TACTRON Sales Region to Include Italy and France 12/12/2014
Modelithics Releases the Latest TriQuint GaN RF Simulation Model Library 12/8/2014
AVX Expands Partnership with Modelithics 9/29/2014
Modelithics Announces the Newest Release of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, Version 11.3, for NI AWR Design Environment Software 9/18/2014
Modelithics 3rd Quarter Newsletter - 2014 9/1/2014
Modelithics Offers Free Six-Month Use of Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Keysight Technologies’ Genesys 2014 8/6/2014
Modelithics 2nd Quarter Newsletter - 2014 7/2/2014
Modelithics Releases Version 11.2 of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Agilent Technologies Genesys RF and Microwave Design Software 6/19/2014
Passive Plus and Modelithics Partner Develop Low and Ultra-Low ESR Capacitor Models 6/2/2014
Modelithics Co-founders welcome IMS to Tampa 5/27/2014
Modelithics Passes 10,000 Mark with Release of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library Version 11 4/15/2014
Modelithics Library V11 for Agilent Advanced Design System 3/31/2014
Modelithics and AVX Announce New “MVP” Partnership in RF/Microwave Simulation Model Development 2/21/2014
Modelithics 1st Quarter Newsletter - 2014 2/18/2014
Modelithics Welcomes Syfer as MVP and Announces New MW Global Model™ for 0603 High Q Capacitors 1/29/2014
Mini-Circuits and Modelithics Collaborate to Provide Free, Advanced Simulation Models for over 20 RF & MW Filters 1/16/2014
Modelithics 4th Quarter Newsletter - 2013 12/24/2013
Modelithics COMPLETE v10.5 For Agilent ADS 11/13/2013
Modelithics 3rd Quarter Newsletter - 2013 10/21/2013
Modelithics Signs MicroELit S.P.A as New Sales Representative for Italy 10/7/2013
Modelithics Announces New RF Simulation Models for TriQuint GaN Die Products 10/7/2013
Modelithics COMPLETE Library v10.1 of RF Simulation Models Now Available for Agilent Technologies’ Genesys 9/30/2013
Modelithics Signs Tactron Elektronik as New Sales Representative for Germany, Austria and Switzerland 6/25/2013
Modelithics COMPLETE Library v10.1 of Simulation Models Now Available for AWR’s Microwave Office 6/6/2013
Mini-Circuits Sponsors Free Modelithics X-Parameter* Models for Popular Surface Mount Amplifiers 5/31/2013
Nuhertz Integrates Modelithics Models into Filter Design Software 5/31/2013
Mini-Circuits and Modelithics Partner to provide RF & MW Attenuator Models 4/4/2013
Modelithics Announces Modelithics COMPLETE v10.0 for Agilent ADS 4/2/2013
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, March, 2013 3/30/2013
Modelithics Mentioned in Florida High Tech magazine 3/15/2013
Piconics and Modelithics Partner to Develop Broadband Models of Conical Inductors 3/12/2013
Take A Look at *X-Parameters with us 3/6/2013
Aeroflex/Inmet and Modelithics Announce New Chip Attenuator and High-Power Resistor Simulation Models 2/21/2013
Modelithics Newsletter Q4 2012 12/19/2012
Modelithics Releases a Major Update of Its Active and Passive Model Library for Agilent Technologies’ Genesys Software 12/11/2012
Small Parts New Product Announcement 12/10/2012
KEMET and Modelithics Partner to provide RF & Microwave Engineers Global™ Capacitor Models: New! Modelithics Global™ Models for KEMET CBR Series RF & Microwave Ultra High Q, Low ESR Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors 10/25/2012
Modelithics Newsletter Q3 2012 10/1/2012
Coilcraft New Product Announcement: Modelithics has released new simulation models for five Coilcraft RF inductor families. 9/20/2012
New Release of Modelithics Active and Passive Model Library for Microwave Office Incorporates 50+ New Models 9/11/2012
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, June, 2012 6/14/2012
Modelithics Offers Free Custom Modeling Along with Major Update to Active and Passive Model Library for Agilent ADS 6/7/2012
Modelithics, Inc. Signs Medeos to Support Sales in Italy 5/23/2012
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, March, 2012 4/2/2012
AWR Signs Reseller Agreement with Modelithics 3/26/2012
Modelithics Expands *X-Parameter Services and Releases Significant Update to Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Agilent Genesys 3/12/2012
Modelithics Signs SJ Technologie Ltd. For Representation in the United Kingdom 2/28/2012
Virginia Diodes and Modelithics Partner to Provide Ultra-broad-band Nonlinear Diode Models for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Design 2/14/2012
Modelithics News Brief 1/9/2012
Modelithics Latest Release for AWR Microwave Office adds Many New Models, a Substrate Library and Enhanced APLAC Compatibility 12/6/2011
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, December, 2011 12/1/2011
Modelithics Signs RDT Equipment and Systems, Ltd. as their Representatives in Israel 11/16/2011
The Modelithics COMPLETE Library v8.0 for Agilent Technologies ADS 2011 9/14/2011
Modelithics Expands Team with New Vice President of Operations 8/30/2011
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, June, 2011 6/30/2011
Modelithics Celebrates 10 Years of Contributions to RF and Microwave Design Success 5/17/2011
Modelithics Takes Circuit Design Success to a New Level with the Introduction of *X-Parameter Modeling Services 3/15/2011
Temex-Ceramics and Modelithics Partner provide Free S-Parameter Data for HiQ Power Capacitors 1/25/2011
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, December, 2010 12/21/2010
Piconics and Modelithics Release New Broad-band Data and Models for a Series of Conical Inductors 12/15/2010
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, September, 2010 9/15/2010
Modelithics Significantly Expands Its Scalable Passive Model Library for Agilent Genesys 8/27/2010
The Modelithics COMPLETE Library v7.0 for AWR's Microwave Office: New Models, New Installer, and a New Low Price 5/4/2010
Nitronex and Modelithics Release Enhanced Non-Linear Gallium Nitride Device Model 4/29/2010
The Modelithics COMPLETE Library v7.0 for Agilent Technologies’ ADS: More Models and Simpler to Install than Ever at A New Low Price 2/23/2010
Modelithics, Inc. Signs CogniTech Sales to cover SE U.S. 2/22/2010
Modelithics Announces New Multi-Simulator Licensing Option with the Release of Latest Version its CLR Library for All Supported Simulators 12/8/2009
Nitronex and Modelithics Collaborate for Enhanced Non-Linear GaN Device Models 12/2/2009
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, November, 2009 11/18/2009
Modelithics Releases CLR Library v6.1 for Agilent's Genesys Software 11/10/2009
Modelithics Expands Non-Linear Transistor Library for AWR Customers 10/15/2009
AWR makes it Easy to Access Model Libraries from Modelithics 9/28/2009
Modelithics Releases CLR Library v 6.0 for AWR's Microwave Office Software 7/9/2009
Modelithics Expands Non-Linear Transistor Library; Adds Triquint Models and More 5/26/2009
Modelithics Integrates the Auriga Pulsed IV System into Modeling Approach 5/22/2009
Modelithics Expands System Level Component Library for Agilent ADS 5/21/2009
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, March, 2009 3/30/2009
Modelithics Releases NLD Library v 4.0 for Agilent ADS 3/20/2009
Modelithics Releases Version 6.0 CLR Library for Agilent ADS – TriQuint Semiconductor Utilizes Libraries for In-house Design 2/24/2009
Modelithics, Inc. Signs ICON Design Automation Pvt. Ltd. As their Representatives in India 2/9/2009
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, December, 2008 12/1/2008
Modelithics Expands its non-Linear Transistor Library Available for AWR Microwave Office 10/6/2008
Modelithics Releases CLR Library for RF Analysis in Cadence Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator 9/30/2008
MODELITHICS NEWSLETTER, September 09, 2008 9/24/2008
Modelithics Expands its non-Linear Transistor Library Available for Agilent Advanced Design Systems (ADS) 9/4/2008
Modelithics Releases SELECT Model Library for RF Designers Using Cadence Spectre 6/15/2008
Modelithics CLR Library v5.1 - adds 20 new component family models! 6/15/2008
Modelithics signs with Ultram for Israel Representation 5/23/2008
Modelithics Introductory Promotion for Genesys Users 1/28/2008

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