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Modelithics Modeling Services

Modelithics Services

Modelithics Modeling Services

Through Modelithics' Custom Modeling Service customers can order linear, bias-dependent small signal, noise and/or non-linear models for components and devices in chip or packaged format. Model topologies may be customer-specified or determined based on the advice of Modelithics.

Model Generation

Models for active and passive surface-mount components are generated using standard or application-specific test fixtures to ensure accuracy in the user's design environment. Using efficient extraction techniques, these models can be made substrate-scalable to substantially expand the usability into a wide range of products. Non-linear model capability addresses a wide range of prediction needs including power, efficiency and distortion for PA and harmonic generation and compression characteristics for diodes and other active components.

Modelithics Microwave Global Models™ for passive components, which represent an entire range or family of parts, can also be provided - these models speed-up design time by facilitating automated circuit optimization algorithms that are integrated into most computer-aided-engineering (CAE) simulation tools. Modelithics Modelithics Microwave Global Models™ can be driven by the nominal part value, substrate characteristics, and temperature. Designers can optimize the part selection for a given circuit requirement while simultaneously including all parasitics and substrate effect, significantly cutting design time.

Model Validation and Library Maintenance

Characterization and validation can be performed to ensure that models are consistent with current device technology and/or manufacturing methods, or to extend the operating conditions and range of validity of existing models.

CAE model library development and maintenance combines custom modeling, database and periodic model verification services in a single package. Records include historical documentation on measurement calibration and device data, model validation results and relevant CAE platform specific information.


Accurate, measurement-driven models for a wide range of customer-specified devices, components and assemblies can be provided. Fast turn-around model delivery is currently available for:

Amplifier Attenuator BJT/HBT Capacitor
CMOS Coupler Filters GaN_HEMT
HBT Inductor Integrated Passives Interconnects
pHEMT PINDiode Resistor Resonator
Schottky StepRecoveryDiode Switch Varactor

Please see our additional services for Characterization and *X-parameters. For examples of some of the Modelithics services, see our literature area.