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Surface current density plotted along PCB trace, QFN package, and bondwire thru path of packaged MMIC amplifier 3D co-simulation.

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EM Field Plotting for Ansys® HFSS™

Modelithics 3D Modeling Services

Modelithics is the industry leader in providing highly accurate, premium passive and active RF & microwave circuit simulation models. To assist in meeting the evolving needs of design engineers, Modelithics offers a different type of model, based on physical dimensions, material properties and Maxwell’s Equations: 3D Geometry Models and 3D Brick EM Models™. These models are available in Modelithics’ COMPLETE+3D Library and integrated into 3D EM simulators.


Physics-based models for any component type (inductor, connector, package, etc.) used in 3D simulators to allow the evaluation of EM interactions and custom interface methods.


Combine the best of both 3D and circuit simulation techniques and are for use with capacitors. A simplified 3D model is linked with an equivalent circuit model so that EM interactions are captured while allowing flexibility when optimizing capacitance values.

H-field plot between closely spaced inductors in a tee matching network configuration.

  • Modelithics 3D Geometry Models are:
  • Based on physical dimensions and material properties
  • Encrypted to protect manufacturer IP
  • Substrate Independent
  • Enable the evaluation of Signal Integrity parameters
  • Enable the evaluation of radiation and EMI sensitivity.