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Modelithics Test Fixtures & Accessories

Modelithics Test Fixtures & Accessories

Modelithics offers Test Fixtures and Test Accessory products, including legacy parts from J MicroTechnology for a family of thin film Alumina substrate components to adapt the benefits of coplanar waveguide wafer probe test methods to the measurement of devices suited for connection to microstrip circuits. Along with this offering Modelithics is also offering custom coaxial and RF probe test fixtures suited for a wide range of substrate and test interface environments.

These components enhance productivity in product development and product assurance testing for semiconductors and packages. Some versions are available with series resis-tors to provide bias current stability. Calibration structures substrate and companion print-ed calibration kits are available for various adapter substrate configurations.

Modelithics Probe Point™ Test Fixtures and Accessorie Brochure
Jmicro Legacy Brochure

The products are test adapter and interface circuits. Each adapter circuit type primarily transforms a signal path from coplanar waveguide to microstrip transmission mode. Additional features of Series resistors and DC and signal sense are present on some product types. The products are ideal for testing GaAs/GaN as well as Silicon transistors, diodes and RFIC/MMIC die devices. Alumina Probe-Point™ substrate fixtures are available in 5, 10 and 15 mil thickness, making them compatible with a wide range of packages and high performance microwave semiconductors.

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Characterization & Modeling Services

Probe Point 0503
Probe Point 1003
Probe Point 1503

Additional legacy J Micro Technology parts are available. Contact Modelithics sales to verify available inventory and pricing.

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mm-Wave Test Fixture

Calibration Substrate

Modelithics is now offering custom RF probable and coaxial test fixtures with in-fixture calibration standards and associated calibration coefficient information. You can now avail yourself of the same test accessories and calibration techniques Modelithics has used for years to get “Precision Measurements and Models You Trust!” Contact Modelithics sales with your requirements.

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