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A surface-mount component can be thought of as a strip-like transmission line with the printed-circuit-board (PCB) back plane serving as its ground. Variations in the substrate parameters therefore have a dramatic effect on the frequency response. Modelithics Microwave Global Models scale with respect to substrate characteristics, thereby providing designers with a solution that extends beyond traditional solutions like s-parameter files. while an s-parameter file only contains device measurements performed on one specific substrate, modelithics microwave global models are valid over a continuous range of substrate properties determined by the substrates used in the model extraction process. in the end, utilizing substrate scalable microwave global models enables designers to predict a component’s real performance when using a desired substrate.

The validated substrate scalability range of Modelithics Microwave Global Models is quantified by the ratio of the substrate thickness (H) to the dielectric constant (Er). The validated range of H/Er varies from model to model and is specified in each model data sheet.

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Tuning and Optimization with Scalable Modelithics Models