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Characterization Services

Characterization Services

Modelithics® Inc. provides a broad array of highest quality, RF/microwave/mm-wave characterization services. Modelithics emphasizes wafer probe measurements of semiconductor wafer and chip, as well as surface mount components assembled on hybrid boards. Other measurement configurations involving microstrip or coplanar test fixtures, and measurements to coaxial or waveguide reference planes are available. Among the many measurement capabilities offered, Modelithics can measure s-parameters up to 110GHz standard and even higher frequencies upon request. We offer noise parameter measurements up to 50GHz, load pull, IV, impedance measurements, and more.


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Please see our additional services for Modeling and *X-parameters. for examples of some of the modelithics services, see our literature area


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Multiple vector network analyzer (VNA) test platforms cover the following frequency bands:

Equipment Frequency Range Measurement Type
ENA Series Network Analyzer 5 Hz to 3 GHz S-Parameter
HP 8753 (multiple) 30 kHz to 6 GHz S-Parameter
Keysight PNA 10 MHz to 67 GHz S-Parameter
Keysight PNA-X 10 MHz to 67 GHz S-Parameter
OML MM-Wave Extension Modules 65 to 110 GHz S-Parameter
OML MM-Wave Extension Modules 110 to 170 GHz S-Parameter
True 4-port S-parameter measurements through 67 GHz are available to support mixed-mode circuit design applications

*X-parameters is a trademark and registered trademark of Keysight Technologies in the US, EU, JP, and elsewhere. The X-parameters format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information, visit Keysight X-Parameters Information

Noise measurements are performed in a screen room to minimize local electromagnetic interference.
Equipment Frequency Range Measurement Type
Custom Configurations > 50 GHz Noise (Contact Modelithics)
Custom Test Setup 10 Hz to 100 KHz (extension to 1 MHz) 1/f (flicker) Noise
HP 8970/HP8971 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz Noise Figure
Keysight PNA-X 10 MHz to 50 GHz Noise Figure
Keysight PNA-X/Maury ATS 0.2 - 50 GHz Noise Parameters
Maury ATN NP5 0.3 to 50 GHz (75-110 GHz*) Noise


  Title Author Date
50GHz High Frequency Noise Parameter Measurements Modelithics, Inc. 7/14/2016
1/f Noise Testing Modelithics, Inc. 1/1/2014
Load- and source-pull measurements can be performed to generate impedance contours for optimizing the tradeoff between various amplifier performance parameters, such as output power and 1 dB compression, power-added-efficiency (PAE), transducer gain, and third-order-intermodulation distortion (IM3 or TOI).

Equipment Frequency Range Measurement Type
Maury ATS Fundamental tuning 0.2 to 50 GHz Load/Source-Pull Non-Linear
Maury ATS Fundamental tuning 75 to 110 GHz Load/Source-Pull Non-Linear
Maury ATS Harmonic tuning 2.45 GHz, 5.25 GHz fundamental Load/Source-Pull Non-Linear

For transistor and diode characterization modeling, DC and pulsed measurements are made using the following equipment:
Equipment Capabilities Measurement Type
AMCAD AM3200 DC, Pulsed IV
Auriga AU4750 Pulsed IV
HP4142 DC Modular DC Source/Monitor DC IV


Many other measurements and software tools are available to help support model development requirements, including:

Equipment Frequency Range Measurement Type
Boonton Resonant Coaxial Line Measurement of high Q capacitors Impedance
Keithley 590 CV Analyzer CV at 100kHz or 1 MHz Capacitance vs Voltage
Keysight 4219A Impedance Analyzer Impedance analyzer (1 – 1800 MHz) Impedance
Keysight 4287A RF LCR Meter LCR meter (1 – 3000 MHz) Impedance
Keysight E4991A RF Impedance Analyzer Impedance analyzer (1 – 3000 MHz) Impedance
  • Other Software
  • CAE and electromagnetic simulation software: Keysight Technologies ADS, Keysight Technologies Genesys, ICCAP, Momentum - NI/AWR Design Environment™ - NIST Multical - Maury Microwave test software – Sonnet® software™ - ANSYS® HFSS™ - CADENCE Spectre RF, PSPICE – and other software tools.
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