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Modelithics Vendor Partners (MVP)

The Modelithics Vendor Partner program provides partnering options to flexibly meet your engagement interests and needs at any particular time. Our relationships enable precision supplemental data for product improvement as well as datasheets, customer data requests, and application notes. We provide design engineers with high-accuracy models for your products and support the multiple RF simulation tools used by your customers.

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Sponsoring MVP

The Sponsoring MVP Program allows a Partner to sponsor free model licenses to Partner’s most valued customers through the Complimentary (Comp) Licensing program. Trials range from 30 days to 1 year use and include Modelithics support. Modelithics will track licenses issued, walk the customer through installation, and show them how to get the best results from MVP component models within their chosen RF and microwave simulation software.

Barry Industries, Inc.
Coilcraft, Inc.
IEH Corporation
IMS Intl Mfg ser.
Johanson Technology
Microwave Technology
Piconics, Inc.
Passive Plus, Inc.
Presidio Components, Inc.
Qorvo, Inc.
Smiths Interconnect
Würth Elektronik

Strategic MVP

As part of the Strategic MVP relationship, Partner funds new or enhanced models for Partner components or devices that generally become part of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library™ and are typically distributed for a fee paid by the end user. At the Strategic MVP level, Modelithics shares the associated costs, which vary depending on the type and number of models to be developed – the Partner pays for model creation at a discounted price. Modelithics covers the cost of distribution and support through sales of the Modelithics Library and related sub-libraries.

Supportive MVP

The Supportive MVP relationship provides all of the benefits of our Cooperative MVP, with vendors utilizing Modelithics extensive measurement and model support resources for satisfying internal or external needs for device data and/or models. Such data is commonly used, for example for the generation of improved component datasheets and marketing information. Supportive MVPs often work closely with Modelithics to develop new application notes for publication in various web-based and print media and to satisfy specific customer measurement or model data requests, using Modelithics resources as a supplement to internal resources.

Guerrilla RF

Cooperative MVP

A Cooperative MVP allows for mutual web linking to make rapid model support available to customers, regardless of whether they first seek information through Modelithics or through the vendor partner’s website. As a Cooperative MVP, the Partner’s corporate or business unit summary will be added to the “Resources” (or similarly named) area on the Modelithics website. In situations where value-added application notes, models and/or data have been developed by Modelithics, Modelithics will also create a custom landing page for the Partner

Altaix Electronica
Anritsu Company
Ansys HFSS
Ansys NuHertz
API Technologies Corp
Cadence Spectre RF Option
Cadence® AWR Design Environment®
CEL Corporation
Chilisin America Ltd.
Electro-Photonics LLC
everything RF
Gowanda Electronics
High Frequency Electronics
Hi-Tech RF & Microwave Solutions
IM-C, Ltd.
Inter-Continental Microwave
J micro Technology
Keysight PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS)
Keysight PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys)
Keysight PathWave System Design (SystemVue)
Knowles Corporation
Maury Microwave Corp.
Micro Lambda, LLC.
Microwave Journal
Microwave Product Digest
Microwaves & RF
Pragma Design
Richardson Electronics
RJR Technologies
Rogers Corp
Sonnet Software
Transline Technology Inc.
Vanguard Electronics
Virginia Diodes, Inc