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Published Articles

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  Title Author Publication Date Related Files
Complete Filter Design with Discrete ElementsMade Easy JEFF KAHLER, Technical Director, Nuhertz Technologies Microwaves & RF 2/12/2019
Nonlinear Modeling of a High Peak Power PIN Limiter Hetvi Patel, Kevin Kellogg, Hugo Morales and Larry Dunleavy, Modelithics Inc., Tampa, Fla. and Rob Jones and Paul Head, Raytheon, Andover, Mass. Microwave Journal 1/1/2019
Take the Guesswork Out of Discrete Circuit Design Chris DeMartino Microwaves & RF 12/1/2018
Designing A Broadband, Highly Efficient, GaN RF Power Amplifier J. Brunning and R. Rayit, SARAS Technology, Leeds, U.K. Microwave Journal 6/13/2018
Temperature Dependent Noise System Verification and the Relationship of Passive Noise Parameters to Available Gain Calculations Kevin Kellogg, Lawrence Dunleavy, Modelithics, Inc & Arthur D. Snider, University of South Florida 19th IEEE WAMICON , April 2018 4/9/2018
3D Surface Mount Component Modeling for HFSS Isabella Bedford, Scott Skidmore, Larry Dunleavy , Modelithics, Inc. 19th IEEE WAMICON , April 2018 4/9/2018
Rapid Model-Based Evaluation Board Success for a 160W L-Band GaN PA Rached Hajji and Kim Tran, Qorvo USA, Inc. & Larry Dunleavy and Laura Levesque, Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Product Digest 2/20/2018
A Substrate-Scalable SMA Connector Model Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Journal 1/1/2018
Advanced Nonlinear and Noise Modeling of High Frequency GaN Devices Larry Dunleavy, Jiang Liu, Miriam Calvo, Hugo Morales, and Laura Levesque, Modelithics Inc. , and Raj Santhakumar, Qorvo Microwaves & RF 11/1/2017
Advanced Microwave Amplifier Models for Advanced Design System Simulations Larry Dunleavy, Kevin Kellogg and Eric O’Dell Microwave Product Digest 10/1/2017
Using High Accuracy Models to Achieve First Pass Design Success - A Transmitter Case Study: Part 2, Power Amplifier Design Ted Longshore and Larry Dunleavy High Frequency Electronics 9/1/2017
Using Component Models to Achieve First Pass Success - A Transmitter Case Study: Part 1, Harmonic Filter Design Ted Longshore and Larry Dunleavy High Frequency Electronics 8/1/2017
Compact Thermal Modeling of GaN HEMT Devices for Pulsed and CW Applications Dr. Jiang Liu, Dr. Miriam Calvo, Dr. Larry Dunleavy, Hugo Morales (Modelithics), Richard Martin , Mark Woods , and Neil Craig (Qorvo) 2016 IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium 7/20/2017
Bridging the Gap in Noise Spectral Density Measurements Derived from Flicker and Noise Figure Measurement Systems Kevin Kellogg, Larry Dunleavy, Scott Skidmore, Hugo Morales, Modelithics Inc, and Carson White, HRL Laboratories 18th IEEE WAMICON , April 2017 4/25/2017
Addressing Performance Differences in Horizontal and Vertical Orientation Mounting of Multi-Layer Capacitors H. Patel, L. Levesque, H. Morales, L. Dunleavy of Modelithics, Inc. Tampa, USA 18th IEEE WAMICON , April 2017 4/25/2017
Everyone Wants Better Models. But Where’s the ROI? Larry Dunleavy High Frequency Electronics 3/20/2017
The Impact of ENR and Coaxial Calibration in Accurate On-Wafer Noise Parameter Testing for Ultra-Low Noise Devices` Kevin Kellogg, Larry Dunleavy, Scott Skidmore, Modelithics Inc.,Gary Simpson, Maury Microwave Corporation 88th Automatic RF Techniques Group Conference Digest, Dec. 2016, Austin TX 12/8/2016
Device and PA Circuit Level Validations of a High Power GaN Model Library Larry Dunleavy and Hugo Morales Modelithics Inc. and Charles Suckling and Kim Tran Qorvo Inc. Microwave Journal 7/14/2016
Modeling Grounding and Substrate Effects in BroadBand Miniature Surface Mount Attenuators Larry Dunleavy, Isabella Delgado, Harvey Kaylie (Mini-Circuits) Microwave Product Digest, March 2016 4/29/2016
Centering Simulation Model Based on Actual versus Nominal Capacitance Value H. Patel, L. Levesque, L. Dunleavy, H. Morales 2016 IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON), April 11-13, 2016 4/26/2016
A Class-F 5 – 6 GHz 10-W GaN-on-SiC Amplifier Kim Tran, Matthew Williams, and Richard Martin 2016 Texas Symposium on Wireless and Microwave Circuits and Systems 4/12/2016
A Simulation-Based Design Flow for Broadband GaN Power Amplifier Design Ivan Boshnakov, Malcolm Edwards, Larry Dunleavy, Isabella Delgado High Frequency Electronics 3/18/2016
Applications of System Level Component Models for RF Front End Receiver Design and Optimization Larry Dunleavy, Modelithics Inc. IEEE WAMICON 2015, Cocoa Beach Florida, April 2015 4/30/2015
An Evaluation of Static Single-tone X-parameter Models in Time-varying Envelope Domain Simulations of Intermodulation Distortion Performance K. Kellogg, J. Liu, and L. Dunleavy of Modelithics.Inc IEEE WAMICON 2015, Cocoa Beach Florida, April 2015 4/30/2015
Achieving First Pass Success In PCB-based Filter And Matching Circuit Designs, S. Muir, L. Dunleavy And T. Weller as seen in High Frequency Electronics, Jan. 2015 High Frequency Electronics 1/31/2015
Ltcc Filter Modeling Using Em And Equivalent Circuit Techniques Scott Skidmore, Hetvi Patel, Isabella Delgado, Larry Dunleavy, And Tom Weller WAMICON 2014 1/29/2015
Temperature And Bias Dependent Ferrite Bead Inductor Modeling H. Morales, R. Connick, T. Weller, And L. Dunleavy WAMICON 2014 1/29/2015
Pulsed IV Characterization of GAN Hemts For High Frequency, High Efficiency Integrated Power Converters A.t. Pereira, A.e. Parker, M. Heimlich, N. Weste, L. Dunleavy 2014 IEEE PAWR conference 1/29/2015
Characterization of GAN Hemts For Integrated Supply Modulator A.t. Pereira, A.e. Parker, M. Heimlich, N. Weste, L. Dunleavy RWW 2014 1/29/2015
Synthesize Filters With Wideband Success Isabella Delgado, Laura Levesque, Larry Dunleavy, And Jeff Kahler as seen in Microwaves & RF Microwaves & RF 7/14/2014
Ultra-Broadband Characterization of Schottky Diodes H. Morales, L. Dunleavy, S. Skidmore the 79th ARFTG Conference Digest, June 2012 Montreal Canada 7/25/2013
Study of Self-Heating in GaAs pHEMTs using Pulsed I-V Analysis B. Schwitter, S. Albrahrami, A. Parker, L. Dunleavy, M. Heimlich 81st Automatic RF Techniques Group Conference Digest, Seattle , WA 6/1/2013
Tiny Attenuators Set Levels To 18 GHz J. Browne as seen in Microwaves & RF March 2013 Microwaves & RF 3/31/2013
Substrate Libraries Ease PCB Simulations Scott Muir, Eric O'Dell, Laura Levesque, Hugo Morales, and Larry Dunleavy Microwaves & RF 3/25/2013
Simulation Procedures for Successful Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design Using Discrete Sonoko Akamatsu, Scott Muir, and Larry Dunleavy HFE Design Magazine 10/1/2012
Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear Model of W-Band Schottky Diodes by Jiang Liu, Hugo Morales, Thomas Weller and Larry Dunleavy of Modelithics and Gerhard Schoenthal of Virginia Diodes Microwave Journal 9/1/2012
Substrate Library Adds Accuracy and Convenience to Board-Based Designs Modelithics, Inc. RFTI Magazine, July 2012 7/1/2012
Advances in Linear and Non-Linear Modeling for Improved Microwave Design IEEE WAMICON 2012 Conference Digest the IEEE WAMICON 2012 Conference Digest 4/15/2012
Closing the Loop on Reference Design Simulations Modelithics, Inc. RFTI Magazine 1/1/2012
Accurate Co-Simulation of Surface-mount Capacitors in Shunt Configurations Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Journal 12/1/2011
Evaluating *X-parameter, P2D and S2D Models for Characterizing Nonlinear Behavior in Active Devices Jiang Liu and Hugo Morales, Modelithics Inc.; Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Modelithics Inc. and University of South Florida; and Loren Betts, Agilent Technologies High Frequency Electronics 11/1/2011
Design and Optimization of Lumped Element Hybrid Couplers Ashok Srinivas Vijayaraghavan, University of South Florida and Lawrence Dunleavy, Modelithics, Inc. High Frequency Electronics 8/1/2011
Performing EM/Circuit Co-Simulation with Modified Standard Models Luis M. Ledezma, Thomas M. Weller High Frequency Electronics 11/1/2010
Modeling GaN: Powerful but Challenging Lawrence Dunleavy, Charles Baylis, Walter Curtice and Rick Connick IEEE Microwave Magazine 10/1/2010
LINC Power Amplifiers for Reducing Out-of-Band Spectral Re-growth: A Comparative Study Charles Baylis, Matthew Moldovan, Loria Wang, Josh Martin WAMICON, April 13, 2010 4/13/2010
Duty Cycle Dependent Pulsed IV Simulation and Thermal Time Constant Model Fitting for LDMOS Transistors Sivalingam Somasundaram Meena, Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy, Marvin Marbell Microwave Measurement Symposium, 2009 74th ARFTG 11/29/2009
Consider Outsourcing to Meet Your Complex RF Data and Model Requirements Lawrence Dunleavy Microwave Journal On-Line 2/12/2009
Noise Parameter Measurement Verification by Means of Benchmark Transistors Cesar A. Morales-Silva, Lawrence Dunleavy, Rick Connick High Frequency Electronics 2/1/2009
Understanding Noise Parameter Measurement Dr. Larry Dunleavy Microwave Journal 2/1/2009
Program Calibrates VNA for Broadband Accuracy Dr. Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Daniel Sosa Martin Microwaves & RF 1/1/2009
Benchmarking Comparison of Thermal and Diode Sensors for Pulsed Power Measurement by Sivalingam Somasundaram, Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy ARFTG Conference Digest, Fall 2008, 72nd 12/9/2008
Understanding Pulsed IV Measurement Waveforms Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy IEEE Explore 10/23/2008
Non-Linear Simulation of RFIC Amplifier Reference Design Boards Hetvi Patel, Thomas Weller, Rick Connick and Lawrence Dunleavy May 2008 High Frequency Electronics 5/1/2008
Pad Geometry Scaling and Removal in Advanced Capacitor Models Modelithics Inc. Microwave Journal Online Technical Papers - November 2007 11/1/2007
Understanding P2D Nonlinear Models Dr. Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Dr. Jiang Liu Microwaves & RF 7/13/2007
Understanding Base Biasing Influence on Large Signal Behavior in HBTs Modelithics, Inc. High Frequency Electronics 5/1/2007
The Impact of Base Current or Voltage Biasing On Characterization and Modeling of HBTs B. Lee , L.P. Dunleavy, W. Clausen, D. P. Markell WAMICON (Presented at WAMICON 2006) 12/4/2006
Design of Bias Tees for a Pulsed-Bias Pulsed RF Test System… Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy, William Clausen Microwave Journal 10/1/2006
On-Wafer Network Analyzer Calibration Sathya Padmanabhan, Lawrence Dunleavy, John E. Daniel, Alberto Rodríguez, and Peter L. Kirby IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Tech 9/9/2006
Large-Signal Behavioral Modeling Jiang Liu, Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Huseyin Arslan IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Tech 8/1/2006
Model-based Power Amplifier Design wins IEEE Competition Sonoko Akamatsu, Charles Baylis, and Larry Dunleavy IEEE Microwave Magazine 12/1/2005
Accurate Models Simplify Reference Designs for RFIC Amplifiers John Capwell, Bill Clausen, Tom Weller and Larry Dunleavy High Frequency Electronics 11/1/2005
Modelithics: Making Waves, Getting Raves Kevin hale University of South Florida Research Foundation 6/22/2005
Exploration of Power Amplifier Performance Using A Digital Demodulation Loadpull Measurement Procedure Jiang Liu, Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Huseyin Arslan ARFTG Conference Digest, 2005. Spring 2005. 65th 6/17/2005
The Importance of Sweep Rate in DC IV Measurements Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy, William Clausen Microwave Journal 3/1/2005
Nonlinear Diode Models for Enhanced Simulation Accuracy Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Journal 3/1/2005
The Normalized Difference Unit as a Metric for Comparing IV Curves Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy, Arthur David Snider ARTFG, December 2004, 64th 12/2/2004
New LDMOS Model Delivers Powerful Transistor Library— Part 2: Library Applications S. Wood and R. Pengelly, Cree Microwave, Inc., and L. Dunleavy, W. Clausen, T. Weller and L. Emmadi, Modelithics, Inc. High Frequency Electronics 11/1/2004
Impact of Carrier Frequency Dependent Power Amplifier Behavior on 802.11a WLAN System J. Liu, H. Arslan, L.P. Dunleavy, A. Webster, J. Paviol 2004 European Conference on Wireless Technology (ECWT) 10/11/2004
New LDMOS Model Delivers Powerful Transistor Library— Part 1: The CMC Model S. Wood and R. Pengelly, Cree Microwave, Inc., and L. Dunleavy, W. Clausen, T. Weller and L. Emmadi, Modelithics, Inc High Frequency Electronics 10/1/2004
Black-Box Modeling of RFIC Amplifiers for Linear and Non-linear Simulations Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Product Digest 10/1/2004
Measurement-based Modeling of a 5 GHz WLAN Transmitter A. Webster, J. Liu, H. Arslan, L.P. Dunleavy, J. 2004 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON) 9/19/2004
The Influence of Pulse Separation and Instrument Input Impedance on Pulsed IV Measurement Results Charles Baylis, Lawrence Dunleavy, Peter Ladbrooke, James Bridge ARFTG, Spring 2004, 63rd 6/11/2004
COMPREHENSIVE MODELS FOR RLC COMPONENTS TO Accelerate PCB Designs Microwave Journal 5/4/2004
Component Models to Accelerate PCB Designs Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Journal 5/1/2004
Automation and Real-Time Verification of Passive Components S-Parameter Measurements using Loss Factor Calculations J. CAPWELL, T. WELLER, D. MARKELL AND L. DUNLEAVY Microwave Journal 3/1/2004
Asymmetric System Mixer Model Jiang Liu, Lawrence P. Dunleavy and Terje B. Svensen digest for the 2003 European Microwave Conference 10/2/2003
Pulsed IV for Nonlinear Modeling Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Journal 3/1/2003
New Enhancements for the GENESYS Software Suite Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Journal 1/1/2003
Considerations in Capacitor-Pairing to Obtain Non-Standard Part Values David Markell, John Capwell, Tom Weller PhD Microwave Journal 11/1/2002
Accurate Simulation of RF Designs Requires Consistent Modeling Techniques D. Markell, J. Capwell, T. Weller and L. Dunleavy, High Frequency Electronics 9/1/2002
Avoid Frequency Extrapolation Errors Thomas Weller, Lawrence Dunleavy, William Clausen Microwave & RF 9/1/2002
The Use of Intermodulation Tables for Mixer Simulations Daniel Faria, Dr. Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Terje Svensen Microwave Journal 4/1/2002
Modeling - The Hot Potato In The RF & Microwave Industry Dr. Larry Dunleavy, Microwave Product Digest 4/1/2002
Advanced Microwave Chip Capacitor Models Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Journal 1/1/2002

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