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Application Notes

Modelithics Application Notes

These application notes have been developed to provide examples and instruction on using the many types of models and advanced model features in the Modelithics Library.

Please contact if you have any questions about the Application Notes E-mail Modelithics Support with any literature questions.

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If applicable, to download the example file click the applicable simulator icon in the Related files column.

Note # Title Related Files
62 Accessing Modelithics Models from the Keysight ADS Component Library
61 Additional Pad Features for Modelithics CLR Library™ Models - PCB Layers and Pad Connection Options
60 Keysight’s EM Cosimulation with Modelithics Models
59 Using Modelithics X-Parameter Models in an ADS Design Environment
58 Accelerating Designs With Modelithics Microwave Supermodels™
57 Advanced Pad Model Features in the Modelithics Library
56 Using Modelithics Models within Sonnet Suites Using Modelithics Models within Sonnet Suites
55 Using Modelithics Models For Statistical Analysis In ANSYS HFSS Environment
54 Modelithics CLR Library in ANSYS HFSS
53 Analysis Of A 65 W Power Amplifier Utilizing Modelithics’ Qorvo T2G4005528-FS Model In NI/AWR Software
52 A Design Flow for Rapid and Accurate Filter Prototyping
51 AXIEM Co-Simulation with Modelithics Models
50 Good, Better And Best: Techniques For Achieving First Pass Success In Lumped Element Pcb -Based Filter Designs
49 Analysis Of A 30 W Power Amplifier Utilizing Modelithics’ Triquint T2G6003028-FS Model
48 Recommendations For Port Setup When Using ADS Momentum And Modelithics Models
47 Behavioral Modeling Of A Broadband Microwave Receiver
46 Improved Microwave Circuit Design Flow Through Passive Model Yield And Sensitivity Analysis
45 Simulation Procedures For Successful Low Noise Amplifier Design
44 Modelithics Substrate Library For Agilent’S Advanced Design System (ADS) Adds Accuracy And Convenience To Board-Based Designs
43 Modelithics Substrate Library For Genesys Adds Accuracy And Convenience To Board-Based Designs
42 Modelithics Substrate Library For AWR Microwave Office Adds Accuracy And Convenience To Board-Based Designs
41 Frequency- And Time -Domain Validation Of A Non-Linear Step Recovery Diode Model
40 Non-Linear Reference Design Simulations
39 Accurate Co-Simulation Of Surface-Mount Capacitors In Shunt Configurations
38 Design And Optimization Of Lumped Element Couplers Using Modelithics Global Models
37 Performing Em-Circuit Co-Simulation With Modelithics Models Using Sonnet Suites
36 Effects Of Over-Molding On Surface Mount Capacitors And Inductors
35 Proximity Effects In Closely-Spaced Surface Mount Passive Components
34 Model-Based Design Of A Varactor-Tuned Filter: A Look At Layout Methods For Ensuring Simulation Accuracy
33 Understanding Noise Parameters Basics
32 Simulation Procedures And Considerations For Power Amplifier Design In Agilent Genesys
31 Ldmos Load-Pull Simulation Using Agilent Genesys Software
30 Large-Signal Ldmos Model Simulation Using Agilent Genesys Software
29 Lumped Element Low-Pass Filter Design And Optimization Using Agilent Genesys Software
28 Accurate Non-Linear Models Enable Successful Pin Limiter Design
27 Mdlx_App_Note_Padscaling_Filters_027
26 Capacitor PI Network For Impedance Matching
25 The Importance Of Pad Geometry In Maximizing Surface Mount Component Performance (Also Published Electronically By RF Globalnet)
23 Tolerance In Surface Mount Varactor Diodes
22 Part Value Tolerance In Surface Mount Components
21 Filter Design Using 0201 Surface Mount LC'S
20 Lumped Element Band-Pass Filter Design And Optimization
19 Lumped Element High-Pass Filter Design And Optimization
18 Lumped Element Low-Pass Filter Design And Optimization
17 Lumped Element Filter Design And Optimization
16 Using Modelithics CLR Library Models In Shunt Connections
15 Reducing Part Count In Low-Pass Filter Designs
14 Capacitor Tee Network Characteristics
13 Effect Of Mounting Orientation On Capacitor Response
12 Comparing Like Body-Style Parts From Different Vendors
11 Substrate Effects On SMD Q-Factor Behavior
10 Accounting For Substrate Thickness Tolerance In PCB Simulations

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