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Modelithics is the industry leader in providing high quality custom modeling and measurement services for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave electronic devices. Since 2001, Modelithics has provided precision measurement and modeling services with unmatched accuracy. Modelithics has set a new standard for excellence in RF/MW model development and support.

Services Summary
Modelithics Services

  • Characterization

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    Characterization Services

    Our extensive array of test and measurement equipment, plus decades of experience, allow us to measure an extremely wide variety of component and system parameters, including: S-parameters, IV characteristics, load pull, and noise parameters.

    Reproduced with permission, courtesy of Keysight Technologies, Inc

  • Modeling Services

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    Modeling Services

    Careful measurement and extensive knowledge of current EDA tools allow us to create reliably accurate models for passive and active components that yield accurate simulations and speed your product development.

  • X-Parameters*

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    X-Parameters Modeling Services

    Through cooperation with Keysight Technologies, Modelithics is now very pleased to offer our customers non-linear X-Parameter measurement and modeling services.

    *X-parameters is a trademark and registered trademark of Keysight Technologies in the US, EU, JP, and elsewhere. The X-parameters format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information, visit Keysight X-Parameters Information