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Taconic's Advanced Dielectric Division is a world leader in RF laminates, high-speed digital and flexible interconnect materials that are utilized in some of the most cutting-edge communication systems in the world.

Taconic’s thermally conductive low loss materials are designed for use in antennas, power amplifiers, filters, passive components, automotive cruise control, semiconductor chip testing/packaging, aerospace guidance telemetry, high density interconnect and phase array radar. The company’s multilayer materials enable manufacture of 20+ layer PWBs with a reduction in overall board thickness.

Taconic is an ISO 9001 registered company headquartered in Petersburgh, NY with manufacturing facilities in Canada, Ireland, Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Poland and Brazil as well as sales offices around the globe.

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Substrate definitions are contained in our Library and are shown with example values.

Name Height Er T Tand
Taconic RF35 100mil 2.54 3.50 0.04 0.00
Taconic RF35 20mil 0.51 3.70 0.04 0.00

Model Listing

Application Note

  Note # Title Date Example Files
44 Modelithics Substrate Library For Agilent’S Advanced Design System (ADS) Adds Accuracy And Convenience To Board-Based Designs 1/1/2014
43 Modelithics Substrate Library For Genesys Adds Accuracy And Convenience To Board-Based Designs 1/1/2014
42 Modelithics Substrate Library For AWR Microwave Office Adds Accuracy And Convenience To Board-Based Designs 1/1/2014
11 Substrate Effects On SMD Q-Factor Behavior 1/1/2014
10 Accounting For Substrate Thickness Tolerance In PCB Simulations 1/1/2014

Published Articles

  Title Author Date Example File
Substrate Libraries Ease PCB Simulations Scott Muir, Eric O'Dell, Laura Levesque, Hugo Morales, and Larry Dunleavy 3/25/2013
Substrate Library Adds Accuracy and Convenience to Board-Based Designs Modelithics, Inc. 7/1/2012

Press Release

  Title Author Date
Modelithics Latest Release for AWR Microwave Office adds Many New Models, a Substrate Library and Enhanced APLAC Compatibility 12/6/2011


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