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Designer Resources

The following links represent component and IC manufacturers and other companies with whom Modelithics works closely to provide top-quality models for RF/microwave design.

Modelithics takes great pride in the relationships built with many component, IC manufacturers and other companies within the RF & Microwave industry. The following list represents such companies that have chosen to work closely with Modelithics to provide top-quality models for RF/microwave design. If you are a supplier of RF/Microwave devices, please contact us about joining our Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) program, and having your company linked below, by sending an inquiry to Modelithics

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Passive Plus, Inc.

With over 30 years in the RF/Microwave industry, Passive Plus manufactures high quality, high power passive components using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.  Specializing in Magnetic & Non-Mag HI-Q capacitors and Power Resistive product lines, Passive Plus supplies reliable quality components to the aerospace, telecommunications, medical semiconductor, and military industries. More Information >>
Phil Jobson Consulting

Phil Jobson Consulting provides full service consulting, design services, product development, modeling/simulation, rapid prototyping, verification and problem solving in the RF/Microwave space. In house capabilities include: • Test & Measurement to 50GHz. • Modelling and Simulation with Cadence AWR Microwave Office including Modelithics Libraries, 2.5D and full 3D EM and a 32 core remote simulation engine. • Rapid Prototyping with state of the art Tormach 770M CNC mill, SolidWorks, 3D printers, LPKF mechanical etching, SMT Rework Phil can be contacted by phone or email: Phone: (707) 481-9036 Email:

Piconics, Inc.

Piconics is a world-class supplier of high-quality microelectronic coil inductors for a wide variety of applications in the space, military, telecom, test & measurement and medical electronics industries. Piconics specializes in miniature MIL-Spec grade inductors along with tight tolerance, fine awg windings such as the Broad-band Conical and Microwave Air Coil Inductors. Piconics keeps the innovative spirit alive by continuing to work with industry leaders in microelectronics to provide inductor solutions to the most challenging problems. The Engineering team at Piconics continues the philosophy of promoting and innovating high-quality microelectronic inductors for the industry's most cutting edge applications. Piconics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with all manufacturing taking place in Tyngsboro, MA USA. More Information >>
Pragma Design

Protecting high-speed interfaces from ESD/EOS while maintaining EMC and signal integrity is becoming a greater challenge for design engineers as technology nodes progress below 10nm at multi-Gigabit speeds. Pragma Design's PESTO "System Efficient ESD Design" ESD simulation tools, along with Modelithics’ RF simulation models help designers optimize ESD robustness, SI performance and cost. Along with ESD/EOS simulation tools, Pragma provides characterization and analysis services with the latest ESD/EMI scanning technologies and design methodologies for design and sustaining engineering. These tools should be part of an enterprise "first time right" design flow, but also can be critical recovery aids in a pinch when the line-down or field-return disaster recovery is needed most quickly. Email Pragma℠ Engineering and Consulting Services

More Information >>
Presidio Components, Inc.

Presidio Components, Inc. established in 1980 is the leader in high quality ceramic capacitor products, because of our uncompromising dedication to the highest standards of manufacturing, quality control and service. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology utilizes the latest designs in machine automation and clean room environment. All manufacturing takes place in our modern 90,000 square-foot facility in San Diego, California. This extensive manufacturing capability, combined with broad experience in ceramic materials, insures the highest quality products for your application.

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