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With over 30 years in the RF/Microwave industry, Passive Plus manufactures high quality, high power passive components using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.  Specializing in Magnetic & Non-Mag HI-Q capacitors and Power Resistive product lines, Passive Plus supplies reliable quality components to the aerospace, telecommunications, medical semiconductor, and military industries.

Start your next design with the most accurate and well documented RF, Microwave and mm-Wave Simulation models in the industry! Modelithics passive and active, measurement-based simulation models integrate seamlessly with the latest electronic design automation (EDA) simulation tools.

Visit the Modelithics COMPLETE library for more information on the full capabilities and advantages of Modelithics high accuracy models. Our goal is to help you achieve first pass design success!

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More Info Part Number Model Body Style Max Freq (GHz) Part Values Downloads Features
01005BB104 CAP-PPI-01005BB-001 01005 65 0.1 uF S-Parameters SS: PS: BB:
0201BB103 0201 10000 pF
0201BB104 CAP-PPI-0201BB-001 0201 65 0.1  uF S-Parameters SS: PS: BB:
0201N-ultra-low-ESR CAP-PPI-0201N-001 0201 20 0.1 - 100 pF S-Parameters SS: PS: VS:
0402BB103 0402 10000 pF
0402BB104 0402 0.1 uF
0402N-ultra-low-ESR CAP-PPI-0402N-001 0402 20 0.1 - 33 pF S-Parameters SS: PS: VS:
0505C CAP-PPI-0505C-001 0505 12 0.1-1000 pF S-Parameters SS: PS: VS:
0603N-ultra-low-ESR CAP-PPI-0603N-101 0603 30 0.1 - 100 pF SS: PS: VS:
0708N CAP-PPI-0708N-001 0708 40 1 - 100 pF S-Parameters SS: PS: VS:
0805N-ultra-low-ESR CAP-PPI-0805N-101 0805 30 0.1 - 220 pF SS: VS: PS:
1111C CAP-PPI-1111C-002 1111 12 0.1-10,000 pF S-Parameters SS: VS: PS: OS:
1111N-ultra-low-ESR CAP-PPI-1111N-101 1111 30 1.0 - 470 pF SS: VS: PS:


Broadband Component
Bondwire de-embedding
Flicker Noise (1/F)
3rd order IMD validated
Load Pull
Noise Parameter
Not recommended for new designs
Orientation Selectable
Pad De-embedding
Pad Scaling
S-Parameter Data Model
Substrate Scalable
Super Model
Temperature Scalable
Part Value Scalable/Selectable
X-Parameter Data Model

Model Listing

Application Note

  Note # Title Date Example Files
52 A Design Flow for Rapid and Accurate Filter Prototyping 6/29/2015
51 AXIEM Co-Simulation with Modelithics Models 6/23/2015
50 Good, Better And Best: Techniques For Achieving First Pass Success In Lumped Element Pcb -Based Filter Designs 3/18/2015
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46 Improved Microwave Circuit Design Flow Through Passive Model Yield And Sensitivity Analysis 1/1/2014
39 Accurate Co-Simulation Of Surface-Mount Capacitors In Shunt Configurations 1/1/2014
37 Performing Em-Circuit Co-Simulation With Modelithics Models Using Sonnet Suites 1/1/2014
36 Effects Of Over-Molding On Surface Mount Capacitors And Inductors 1/1/2014
35 Proximity Effects In Closely-Spaced Surface Mount Passive Components 1/1/2014
29 Lumped Element Low-Pass Filter Design And Optimization Using Agilent Genesys Software 1/1/2014
26 Capacitor PI Network For Impedance Matching 1/1/2014
25 The Importance Of Pad Geometry In Maximizing Surface Mount Component Performance (Also Published Electronically By RF Globalnet) 1/1/2014
22 Part Value Tolerance In Surface Mount Components 1/1/2014
21 Filter Design Using 0201 Surface Mount LC'S 1/1/2014
20 Lumped Element Band-Pass Filter Design And Optimization 1/1/2014
19 Lumped Element High-Pass Filter Design And Optimization 1/1/2014
18 Lumped Element Low-Pass Filter Design And Optimization 1/1/2014
17 Lumped Element Filter Design And Optimization 1/1/2014
15 Reducing Part Count In Low-Pass Filter Designs 1/1/2014
14 Capacitor Tee Network Characteristics 1/1/2014


  Title Author Date
Modelithics® Passive Plus MVP Library Modelithics, Inc. 9/12/2019

White Papers (Registration not required)

  Title Author Date Example
Understanding S-Parameter Vs. Equivalent Circuit-based Models For RLC Component Simulations In Keysight ADS And Genesys Modelithics: Scott Skidmore, Laura Levesque, And Scott Muir, Along With Jason Boh And How-siang of Keysight Technologies 12/4/2014
Understanding S-Parameter Vs Equivalent Circuit-based Models For RLC Component Simulations With NI/AWR Microwave Office Modelithics, Inc. 11/20/2014

Press Release

  Title Author Date
Modelithics and Passive Plus, Inc. Collaborate to Add New Features and Extend Capacitance Range of the 0505C and 1111C Models 8/9/2016
Passive Plus, Inc. Offers the Modelithics Passive Plus Component Library as a Free 90-Day Trial 2/27/2016
Passive Plus and Modelithics Partner Develop Low and Ultra-Low ESR Capacitor Models 6/2/2014


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