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Knowles, incorporating the Dielectric Laboratories (DLI) & Syfer brands, are a global supplier of proprietary ceramic based microwave and millimetre wave components for the wireless communications, military, medical, semiconductor, aerospace, and transportation markets and are world leaders in High Frequency, High-Q Multilayer Capacitors.

Knowles DLI are leaders in High Frequency, High Q Single Layer Capacitors and have a significant and growing presence in the thin film products and services arena, serving many commercial and military customers with their unique and patent protected products utilising custom and proprietary ceramic materials.

Knowles Syfer is a premier global source for application specific multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI suppression filters. Their comprehensive product range includes many application-specific capacitors and EMI/RFI filters, including FlexiCap™, ProtectiCap™ and the StackiCap™ ranges, as well as standard voltages and capacitance values.

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More Info Part Number Model Body Style Max Freq (GHz) Part Values Downloads Features
C04BL CAP-DLI-0402-001 0402 120 pF BB: SS: PS: PV:
C04UL CAP-DLI-0402-002 0402 0.1 pF - 10 pF BB: SS: PS: PV:
C06BL CAP-DLI-0603-002 0603 40 DC Block BB: OS: SS: PS:
C06CF CAP-DLI-0603-003 0603 0.1 pF - 47 pF BB: SS: PS: PV:
C06UL CAP-DLI-0603-001 0603 20 0.1 pF - 47 pF S-Parameters SS: PS: VS:
C08BL CAP-DLI-0805-002 0805 40 DC Block BB: OS: SS: PS:
C08BL CAP-DLI-0805-003 0805 1000 pF & 2400 pF
C11UL CAP-DLI-C11UL-001 Case A 30 0.1 pF - 100 pF S-Parameters SS: PS: VS:
H-Range CAP-SYF-0402-001 0402 50 0.1-100 pF S-Parameters SS: PS: VS: OS:
HighQUltraLowESR CAP-SYF-0603-001 0603 20 0.5-100 pF S-Parameters SS: PS: VS: OS:
Milli-cap CAP-DLI-MILLI-001 0402 40 0.3 pF - 82 pF SS: PS: VS:
Opti-cap CAP-DLI-OPTI-001 0603 35 DC Block BB: SS: PS:


3D Model
Broadband Component
Bondwire de-embedding
Flicker Noise (1/F)
3rd order IMD validated
Load Pull
Noise Parameter
Not recommended for new designs
Orientation Selectable
Pad De-embedding
Pad Scaling
S-Parameter Data Model
Substrate Scalable
Super Model
Temperature Scalable
Part Value Scalable/Selectable
X-Parameter Data Model

Model Listing

Application Note

  Note # Title Date Example Files
25 The Importance Of Pad Geometry In Maximizing Surface Mount Component Performance (Also Published Electronically By RF Globalnet) 1/1/2014

Press Release

  Title Author Date
Modelithics Welcomes Syfer as MVP and Announces New MW Global Model™ for 0603 High Q Capacitors 1/29/2014


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