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Our target audience includes engineers, managers, educators and other technical personnel involved in the design and development of products and technologies at high frequencies and high speeds. Our coverage of this area of engineering includes all possible applications, which can change rapidly as new, creative ideas are developed into products

Start your next design with the most accurate and well documented models in the industry! Our passive and active model libraries contain up-to-date, measurement-based models that are fully integrated with the latest electronic design automation (EDA) simulation tools. Our goal is to help you achieve your design goals and make part selection and design optimization decisions more quickly and with more confidence.

Modelithics high accuracy measurement-based models reliably track how component performance will change with various input parameters over a specified frequency range documented in a model information data sheet for each component. Please visit our products page for more information about available models and the unique advantages of using Modelithics model libraries.

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Published Articles

  Title Author Date Example File
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Design and Optimization of Lumped Element Hybrid Couplers Ashok Srinivas Vijayaraghavan, University of South Florida and Lawrence Dunleavy, Modelithics, Inc. 8/1/2011
Performing EM/Circuit Co-Simulation with Modified Standard Models Luis M. Ledezma, Thomas M. Weller 11/1/2010
Noise Parameter Measurement Verification by Means of Benchmark Transistors Cesar A. Morales-Silva, Lawrence Dunleavy, Rick Connick 2/1/2009
Non-Linear Simulation of RFIC Amplifier Reference Design Boards Hetvi Patel, Thomas Weller, Rick Connick and Lawrence Dunleavy 5/1/2008
Understanding Base Biasing Influence on Large Signal Behavior in HBTs Modelithics, Inc. 5/1/2007
Accurate Models Simplify Reference Designs for RFIC Amplifiers John Capwell, Bill Clausen, Tom Weller and Larry Dunleavy 11/1/2005
New LDMOS Model Delivers Powerful Transistor Library— Part 2: Library Applications S. Wood and R. Pengelly, Cree Microwave, Inc., and L. Dunleavy, W. Clausen, T. Weller and L. Emmadi, Modelithics, Inc. 11/1/2004
New LDMOS Model Delivers Powerful Transistor Library— Part 1: The CMC Model S. Wood and R. Pengelly, Cree Microwave, Inc., and L. Dunleavy, W. Clausen, T. Weller and L. Emmadi, Modelithics, Inc 10/1/2004
Accurate Simulation of RF Designs Requires Consistent Modeling Techniques D. Markell, J. Capwell, T. Weller and L. Dunleavy, 9/1/2002