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Consultants Corner

Consultants Corner


Modelithics collaborates with many independent industry experts across the globe, who have been instrumental in evaluating and testing Modelithics models, and in developing design examples and case studies that demonstrate the advanced features and the value of Modelithics models. A number of papers and presentations have resulted from our collaboration with consultants, providing our customers with ideas on how to set up simulations, how to do advanced design analysis, and how to accelerate high frequency design and achieve quick ROI.


    A few of our valued consultants include:

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Phil Jobson Consulting

Phil Jobson Consulting provides full service consulting, design services, product development, modeling/simulation, rapid prototyping, verification and problem solving in the RF/Microwave space. In house capabilities include: • Test & Measurement to 50GHz. • Modelling and Simulation with NI/AWR Microwave Office including Modelithics Libraries, 2.5D and full 3D EM and a 32 core remote simulation engine. • Rapid Prototyping with state of the art Tormach 770M CNC mill, SolidWorks, 3D printers, LPKF mechanical etching, SMT Rework Phil can be contacted by phone or email: Phone: (707) 481-9036 Email:

RFdude LLC LLC principal Lance Lascari specializes in helping clients design, debug, and develop board level systems from DC through 30 GHz in communications and radar applications. The primary focus has been board level design, but the company has also been involved in the process of specifying custom ASIC/MMIC solutions and followed these through to product integration.