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CEL (California Eastern Laboratories) is an engineering, sales and marketing company focused on RF Semiconductors, Optical Semiconductors and Wireless Connectivity Solutions. CEL serves designers, OEMs and contract manufacturers in various RF, Wireless and Optical markets. With over 55 years experience in high frequency design, customer support and fulfillment, CEL is ideally positioned to provide its customers with a stable supply of products to meet their specific needs. CEL maintains extensive inventories and provides engineering and applications assistance at its technical centers in Santa Clara, CA., Buffalo Grove, IL and Lafayette, CO. The company supports customers through sales offices, sales representatives and distributors in numerous locations.

Start your next design with the most accurate and well documented models in the industry! Our passive and active model libraries contain up-to-date, measurement-based models that are fully integrated with the latest electronic design automation (EDA) simulation tools. Our goal is to help you achieve your design goals and make part selection and design optimization decisions more quickly and with more confidence.

Modelithics high accuracy measurement-based models reliably track how component performance will change with various input parameters over a specified frequency range documented in a model information data sheet for each component. Please visit our products page for more information about available models and the unique advantages of using Modelithics model libraries.

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More Info Part Number Model Body Style Max Freq (GHz) Power Out (dBm) Downloads Features
CE3520K3 4-Micro-X
NE3210S01 HMT-NEC-NE3210S01 S01 30 10 NL, NP, IM
NE350184C HMT-NEC-NE350184C 84C 30 8 NL, NP, IM
NE38018 MES-NEC-NE38018 SOT-343 12 0 NL, NP, SS
NE41607 BJT-NEC-NE41607 Package 10 23 dBm NL, SS, TS, NP, LP, PD
NE5511279A MOS-NEC-NE5511279A 79A 2 37.57 NL, LP
NE5520379A MOS-NEC-NE5520379A 79A 2 32.35 NL, LP
NE552R679A MOS-NEC-NE552R679A 79A 2 25.8 NL, LP
NE5550234 MOS-NEC-NE5550234 3 NL, TS, LP, SS
NE68519 BJT-NEC-NE68519 3pin Ultra super mini 6 7 dBm NL, SS, TS, FL
NE68533 BJT-NEC-NE68533 SOT-23 6 5 dBm NL, SS, FL
NE722S01 MES-NEC-NE722S01 S01 30 15.0 NL
NE851M13 BJT-NEC-NE851M13 M13 6 40 dBm NL, SS, FL, NP
NE85608 BJT-NEC-NE85608 Outline 35 10 10 dBm NL, SS, TS, NP, LP, PD
NE85633 BJT-NEC-NE85633 SOT-23 6 NL, SS, NP, FL
NE85633 BJT-NEC-NE85633-101 SOT-23 6 NL, SS, TS, FL
NE85633 BJT-NEC-NE85633-R23 SOT-23 6 <10 NL, SS, NP, FL
NE85633 BJT-NEC-NE85633-R24 SOT-23 6 <10 NL, SS, TS, FL
NE85633 BJT-NEC-NE85633-R25 SOT-23 6 <10 NL, SS, TS, FL
NESG303100 HBT-NEC-NESG303100-001-S 24 NL, NP, FL
NESG303100G HBT-NEC-NESG303100 Chip 24 NL, NP, FL
NESG3031M05 HBT-NEC-NESG3031M05 M05 6 NL, NP, FL


Broadband Component
Bondwire de-embedding
Flicker Noise (1/F)
3rd order IMD validated
Load Pull
Noise Parameter
Orientation Selectable
Pad De-embedding
Pad Scaling
S-Parameter Data Model
Substrate Scalable
Super Model
Temperature Scalable
Part Value Scalable/Selectable
X-Parameter Data Model

Model Listing

Application Note

  Note # Title Date Example Files
32 Simulation Procedures And Considerations For Power Amplifier Design In Agilent Genesys 1/1/2014
30 Large-Signal Ldmos Model Simulation Using Agilent Genesys Software 1/1/2014

Published Articles

  Title Author Date Example File
Non-Linear Simulation of RFIC Amplifier Reference Design Boards Hetvi Patel, Thomas Weller, Rick Connick and Lawrence Dunleavy 5/1/2008