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Modelithics has partnered with a multitude of vendors to provide S-parameter downloads of individual vendor model part values. To access S-parameter data downloads, click a vendor link below. This takes you to a table for the vendor models, and under the column named "Downloads" there will be S-Parameter links.

Registration approval required prior to downloading S Parameter files.
API_Inmet AVX BARRY Gowanda
GuerrillaRF Johanson KEMET Knowles
MiniCircuits Murata Piconics Passive Plus
Qorvo SOTA Taiyo_Yuden Vishay
  • Modelithics S-Parameter Model Library

Included FREE with the  Modelithics COMPLETE Library™ is a S-Parameter Model library for designer use. S-parameter models do not provide the same scalability features as Modelithics Microwave Global Models™. S-parameter models are limited to one substrate and one pad layout, however they still offer valuable high frequency measurement data for popular electronic design components. The table below is a listing of the current S-parameter models in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library.

Vendor Part Number Model Body Style Max Freq (GHz) Part Values Sparameters
API_Inmet PCA ATTSP-AFE-PCA-001 20 1-20 dB S-Parameters
API_Inmet PCAA ATTSP-AFE-PCAA-001 20 1-20 dB S-Parameters
Gowanda C050FL INDSP-GOW-C050FL-001 Conical 50 0.23 uH S-Parameters
Gowanda C050SMC INDSP-GOW-C050SMC-001 Conical 42 0.23 and 0.4 uH S-Parameters
Gowanda C100SMC INDSP-GOW-C100SMC-001 Conical 42 1.0 uH S-Parameters
Gowanda CC0603 INDSP-GOW-0603-001 0603 20 4.7, 5.1 and 5.6 nH S-Parameters
Gowanda C100FL INDSP-GOW-C100FL-001 Conical 40 1.0 and 1.54 uH S-Parameters
Gowanda C100SM INDSP-GOW-C100SM-001 Conical 40 0.26, 0.44, 0.69 and 1.0 uH S-Parameters
Gowanda C225FL INDSP-GOW-C225FL-001 Conical 40 0.89, 1.3, 2.4, 3.8 and 8 uH S-Parameters
GuerrillaRF GRF2070DS AMPSP-GUR-GRF2070-001 8-pin 2x2mm DFN 8 S-Parameters
GuerrillaRF GRF2071DS AMPSP-GUR-GRF2071-001 8-pin 2x2mm DFN 8 S-Parameters
GuerrillaRF GRF2072DS AMPSP-GUR-GRF2072-001 8-pin 2x2mm DFN 8 S-Parameters
GuerrillaRF GRF2073DS AMPSP-GUR-GRF2073-001 8-pin 2x2mm DFN 8 S-Parameters
GuerrillaRF GRF2501DSR AMPSP-GUR-GRF2501-001 6-pin 1.5x1.5mm DFN 8 S-Parameters
Murata UBSC_935_151_423_510 CAPSP-IPD-0201-001 0201 67 10 nF, BV11, 400um S-Parameters
Murata UBSC_935_151_723_510 CAPSP-IPD-0201-002 0201 67 10 nF, BV30, 400um S-Parameters
Murata UBSC_935_151_424_610 CAPSP-IPD-0402-001 0402 67 100 nF, BV11, 400um S-Parameters
SOTA S0202AF50R0FEB RESSP-SOTA-0202-001 0202 40 50 Ohms S-Parameters
SOTA S0303AF50R0FWB RESSP-SOTA-0303-001 0303 40 50 Ohms S-Parameters
SOTA S0505AF50R0FEB RESSP-SOTA-0505-001 0505 20 50 Ohms S-Parameters
SOTA S0505CF50R0FHB RESSP-SOTA-0505-002 0505 20 50 Ohms S-Parameters
SOTA S0505DF50R0FEW RESSP-SOTA-0505-003 0505 20 50 Ohms S-Parameters
SOTA S0505EF50R0FEW RESSP-SOTA-0505-004 0505 20 50 Ohms S-Parameters
SOTA S0603CF50R0FHB RESSP-SOTA-0603-001 0603 20 50 Ohms S-Parameters