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MiniCircuits HFCN-2700+ S-parameter File and Model Downloads

  • Model Download Details
  • The HPF-MCL-HFCN2700-001 is a substrate scalable Global Model™ for the Mini-Circuits® P/N HFCN-2700+ ceramic high-pass surface mount filter; additional information is available at The models are for use with microstrip applications and account for substrate (or printed circuit board) related parasitic effects. Substrate height, dielectric constant, loss tangent, and interconnect metal thickness are model input parameters.;
  • Click on the link below to download the scalable Microwave Global ModelTM compatible with Keysight ADS.
  • S-parameter Download Details
  • Free S-parameter files for MiniCircuits part number HFCN-2700+. The S-parameter(s) were generated using the Modelithics precision measurement data based Microwave Global Model™ for the MiniCircuits family. These S-parameters represent typical component performance on a 20 mil thick Rogers 4003C substrate.. Reference planes and associated layout detailed in the Modelithics datasheet.