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ROI Calculator

Better Simulations Mean Faster Developments

A high-frequency digital, RF, or hybrid design can require dozens of design iterations, as a variety of real-world interactions, resonances, and oscillations are first discovered and then painstakingly tuned out.

But when the complex characteristics of each component are accurately modeled, the result is a far more accurate simulation that gets you close to your final design the very first time you simulate it.

As a result, you'll complete designs faster and get new products to market sooner. Eliminating even one design turn can save your team the cost of a complete Modelithics library of 5 component models.


Using the ROI Calculator:

    Note: Cells that can be edited are highlighted in blue

  1. Complete Assumptions in Cells B2,B3,B4
  2. Enter the engineer and technician hours cells B12-C22 (blue fields)
  3. Enter Material Supplies cost cell E26
  4. Enter Board/Wafer fabrication cost and time cell E27 & F27
  5. Enter Additional materials cost cell E28
  6. Enter Circuit iterations for without improved models cell B37
  7. Enter Circuit iterations for Improved Models B46
  8. Check the savings per design E90

Assumption Notes

  1. The total number of iterations includes the first pass plus any additional design iterations.
  2. Without improved models, in-house char./modeling and bench tuning are assumed to be performed along with the initial design characterization and at least 2 iterations (including first pass) are required.
  3. With improved models, no bench tuning or char./modeling, required and at least one fewer iteration needed to complete design.
  4. Iteration Design Effort at Reduced Effort to That of Initial Design/testing and tuning same as initial design (labor re-use factors are 50% for labor and 10% for other costs)