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Pad Mode

Pad Mode and Sim Mode Effects

Pad Mode

Starting with Version 10, some models have a new parameter added to control the placement of the model pads in the layout. This new feature is intended to eliminate duplicate pad calculations when running co-simulations with an EM analysis engine.

Traditionally, Modelithics models have pads placed in the layout based on the setting of the Sim_mode parameter. Sim_mode calculates and places the pads in the layout when set to 0 (zero). When Sim_mode is set to 2 the pads are removed from the calculation and from the layout. Sim_mode set to 2 was designed to allow users to create and place their own pads into the layout. However if a user wanted to use the Modelithics pads in a co-simulation analysis the pad effects are in essence duplicated; once within the Modelithics model and again in the EM analysis.

Pad_mode helps eliminate this issue. Using a combination of Sim_mode and Pad_mode options, the user can remove the pad calculations from the Modelithics model, but leave the pads in the layout. This is accomplished by setting Sim_mode to 2 (removes pad stack calculations) and Pad_Mode to 1 (overrides Sim_mode to always place pads in the layout).

Pad_mode currently has 3 settings: 0 – defaults to Sim_mode operation, 1 – pads are always in the layout and 2 – pads are never in the layout. The final 2 values override the Sim_mode operation in regard to displaying the pads in layout or not, depending on the setting, regardless of the Sim_mode value. Pad_mode set to 0 (zero) is the default value maintaining the standard model functionality the Modelithics users are accustomed to. Below is a truth table showing the different combinations of Sim_mode and Pad_mode and how they affect the pad calculations and the layout.