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Discrete Value parts Discrete Values And Optimization
Discete Part Values

Discrete Values And Optimization

Discrete Parameter is a new feature added in v12, allowing designers to select a discrete part value from a list of pre-defined part values. The part values are obtained from the part manufacturer’s catalog or website.

By default the new parameter is set to ‘continuous’ and is not displayed on the schematic. This parameter overrides the main part value entry when set. In addition to having discrete part values at the end of the list is an option for “Discrete Optimization” of parts from a specific vendor. Each family pertains to a given body style (e.g. 0201, 0402, etc.) and typically covers component values over 2-3 decades (e.g., 1-1800 pF).

To access the discrete parameter double-click on the model instance in the schematic. The discrete parameter is near the bottom of the parameter list.

Recommended Usage Tips:

  • Check the Display parameter on schematic check box to view the selected value on the schematic
  • Uncheck this box on the original part value parameter because the original part value parameter is not updated when a value is selected in the discrete parameter part list and can cause confusion if both parameters are displayed

Discrete Optimization Examples