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Start your next design with the most accurate and well documented RF, Microwave and mm-Wave Simulation models in the industry! Modelithics passive and active, measurement-based simulation models integrate seamlessly with the latest electronic design automation (EDA) simulation tools, including Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS), NI AWR Design Environment/Microwave Office™, Keysight Technologies’ Genesys, ANSYS® HFSS™, Sonnet® and Cadence.

Modelithics high accuracy models capture parasitic effects and reliably predict how component performance changes with various scalable input parameters over a specified frequency range. The scaling and optimization features provide advanced analysis capability and allow RF circuit designers to quickly meet design goals. Visit the products page for more information on the advantages of Modelithics models. Our goal is to help you achieve first pass design success!

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Published Articles

  Title Author Date Example File
Take the Guesswork Out of Discrete Circuit Design Chris DeMartino 12/1/2018
Advanced Nonlinear and Noise Modeling of High Frequency GaN Devices Larry Dunleavy, Jiang Liu, Miriam Calvo, Hugo Morales, and Laura Levesque, Modelithics Inc. , and Raj Santhakumar, Qorvo 11/1/2017
Synthesize Filters With Wideband Success Isabella Delgado, Laura Levesque, Larry Dunleavy, And Jeff Kahler as seen in Microwaves & RF 7/14/2014
Study of Self-Heating in GaAs pHEMTs using Pulsed I-V Analysis B. Schwitter, S. Albrahrami, A. Parker, L. Dunleavy, M. Heimlich 6/1/2013
Tiny Attenuators Set Levels To 18 GHz J. Browne as seen in Microwaves & RF March 2013 3/31/2013
Substrate Libraries Ease PCB Simulations Scott Muir, Eric O'Dell, Laura Levesque, Hugo Morales, and Larry Dunleavy 3/25/2013
Program Calibrates VNA for Broadband Accuracy Dr. Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Daniel Sosa Martin 1/1/2009
Understanding P2D Nonlinear Models Dr. Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Dr. Jiang Liu 7/13/2007
Avoid Frequency Extrapolation Errors Thomas Weller, Lawrence Dunleavy, William Clausen 9/1/2002