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Modelithics Presentations

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Title    Author Date Related Files
Modelithics Overview Presentation Modelithics, Inc. 7/21/2011
Modeling for Cellular PA Development Dr. Steve Maas 6/19/2008
Si LDMOS Doherty PA (DPA) Design for Wireless Communication Networks Khaled Bathich, Ph.D. Student - accepted for publication at the German Microwave Conference in Munich, Germany, March, 2009 3/17/2009
Class AB Power Amplifier Design for IMS 2005 Student Competition Sonoko Akamasu, as presented at IMS 2005 6/1/2005
Applications of Accurate Component Models for Improved First-Pass Microwave Circuit Design Success Sonoko Akamatsu , University of South Florida, June 2005 6/28/2005
A Benchmark Comparison of *X-parameter, P2D and S2D Models for Representing Microwave Amplifier Performance 2011 IEEE Topical Symposium on Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communication 11/29/2011
SMD Models That Really Work Modelithics, Inc. 6/20/2012
An Intuitive Web-based ADC Performance Analysis Tool IEEE IMS 2012 Microwave Applications Seminars 7/12/2012
Improve Microwave Circuit Design Flow Through Passive Model Yield and Sensitivity Analysis, IEEE IMS 2012 Dr Larry Dunleavy and Lars van der Klooster 6/19/2012
Advances in Linear and Non-Linear Modeling for Improved Microwave Design, IEEE WAMICON 2012 Presentation L. Dunleavy, T. Weller, J. Liu, H. Morales and S. Skidmore 4/16/2012
High Power Amplifier Design Using Non-Linear Models in Agilent Genesys Larry Dunleavy in an Agilent Technologies sponsored webcast in July 2009 9/5/2012
High Power Amplifier Design Using Non-Linear Models in Agilent Genesys Marvin Marbell, Chris Reul, Rick Connick, Lawrence Dunleavy 7/16/2009
Broad-Band Surface Mount Attenuators with Accurate Models EDI CON, Beijing China, March 2013 3/29/2013
Use Nuhertz & Modelithics in AWR Simulations (PDF) Nuhertz 5/20/2013
125 GHz Measurements for Ultra broad band Modeling of Schottky Diodes Dr. Larry Dunleavy 7/25/2013
Designing with Modelithics Substrate-Scalable Models for Mini-Circuits LTCC Filters Dr. Larry Dunleavy 8/4/2017
Accurate Filter Design with Nuhertz and Modelithics (PDF) Nuhertz 4/8/2014
Modelithics in Accurate ADS / Momentum Co-Simulation Modelithics, Inc. 6/29/2015
Practical Broadband Power Amplifier Design Method Using Load-line, Load-pull And Real-frequency Synthesis Techniques Ivan Boshnakov, Etl Systems Ltd, Malcolm Edwards, Ni Awr, Larry Dunleavy, Modelithics Inc. 9/22/2015
Pa Circuit Level Validation of a New Non-linear GAN Model Library Larry Dunleavy, Hugo Morales And Scott Skidmore, Modelithics, Inc. 6/18/2015
Modelithics CLR Library For HFSS Ansys And Modelithics, Inc. 6/29/2015
Advanced System Level Component Models And Applications Modelithics, Inc. 6/29/2015
Flexible And Scalable Models For Microwave System Design Success (microapps) Kevin Kellogg, Jiang Liu, Hetvipatel, Hugo Morales And Larry Dunleavy, Modelithics, Inc. 6/29/2015
An Expanded Model Library For Discrete Qorvo GAN Power Transistors Larry Dunleavy, Modelithics, Inc. And Richard Martin, Qorvo 9/21/2015
A Class-F 5 – 6 GHz 10-W GaN-on-SiC Amplifier Kim Tran, Matthew Williams, and Richard Martin 4/12/2016
Non-Linear and Noise Modeling of a 0.15um GaN Die Family Dr. Larry Dunleavy, Dr. Jiang Liu, Dr. Miriam Calvo, Hugo Morales from Modelithics, Inc. and Dr. Raj Santhakumar from Qorvo USA, Inc. 9/23/2016
Compact Thermal Modeling of GaN HEMT Devices for Pulsed and CW Applications (2016 IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium) Dr. Jiang Liu, Dr. Miriam Calvo, Dr. Larry Dunleavy, Hugo Morales (Modelithics), Richard Martin , Mark Woods , and Neil Craig (Qorvo) 7/20/2017
Working with Modelithics X-Parameters*-Based Models for Mini-Circuits Amplifiers Dr. Larry Dunleavy 8/10/2017
Solving RF and Microwave Design Integration Challenges Using 3D Component Modeling (Ansys Sponsored Webinar May 9, 2018, ~ 30 min) Ansys & Modelithics, Inc. 5/9/2018
Modelithics 5G Library Overview Modelithics, Inc. 7/27/2018
Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Sonnet® Suites™ Modelithics, Inc. 8/14/2018
View Build Your RF PCB to Specs and Improve Yield 10x Faster Keysight Genesys & Modelithics, Inc. 8/23/2018
Discrete Optimization With Modelithics Models in ADS Modelithics, Inc. 10/14/2018
HFSS 3D Geometry Model Development Vendor Partnering 3/25/2019
Modelithics Qorvo GaN Model Library for PA Success Modelithics, Inc. 4/4/2019
Modelithics Advanced Simulation Models – Overview and Tutorial Modelithics, Inc. 4/4/2019
Increase Your First Pass Design Success With Modelithics Enhanced Models! Modelithics, Inc. 1/19/2023
Meeting the Evolving Needs of Design Engineers with Modelithics 3D Geometry Modeling Modelithics, Inc. 1/19/2023
Modelithics Characterization & Modeling Services Modelithics, Inc. 1/19/2023
Modelithics World Class GaN Characterization and Modeling Services! Modelithics, Inc. 1/19/2023
The Modelithics Qorvo GaN Library Modelithics, Inc. 1/19/2023

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