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No-Cost, Six-Month Availability of Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Genesys 2014

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that the Modelithics COMPLETE Library of RF and microwave component model libraries is available free of charge for six months to Genesys 2014 users new to Modelithics. The free, six-month promotion of the Modelithics COMPLETE library runs throughout 2014 and is available to all Genesys users who complete a simulation modeling needs survey at Modelithics COMPLETE Promotion for Genesys 2014.

First made available to Genesys users in 2003, the Modelithics COMPLETE Library contains over 10,000 RF/microwave components with accurate nonlinear models for active devices and highly scalable linear models for passive component families. Each model is extracted from a standardized set of highly accurate measurements and carefully documented with individual model data sheets to provide designers with exceptional simulation accuracy and design flexibility when using Genesys 2014. To view full press relase click here








Special Order Modeling

Special Order modeling refers to custom modeling projects (e.g. compact Non-Linear Models and X-parameter Models for actives and Modelithics Global Models for passives).

Special Order models will expand your existing Modelithics Library to include specific simulation models that you may need for current or future designs. Such models can be added at a discount for existing Modelithics Library customers.

To specify a project and request a quote please fill out an active RFQ or passive RFQ using one of the forms you can find in the services area of our website.

New Library customers can receive a significant discount on Special Order modeling with the purchase of a Modelithics Library. For more information please contact sales@modelithics.com

Pre-Release Library

Pre-release models are at various stages in the development & release cycle and are eligible to be included in a CLR, NLD, NLT or SLC Library.

Pre-Release models represent a short cycle-time, low-cost way of expanding your library to include devices critical to your design.

Visit the Pre-Release page for more information on the quick-turn, lower-cost models, or contact Modelithics at sales@modelithics.com.